The Karl Axel Pehrson Foundation

During the final ten or twelve years of his life, artist Karl Axel Pehrson envisioned having a foundation of his own. In 2005, the year he died, the Karl Axel Pehrson Foundation was finally established.

In 2006, in keeping with the artist´s wishes, the foundation relocated to the Örebro County Museum. The reason may be found in the fact that Pehrson was born and raised in Örebro before moving to Stockholm to study art.

The mission of the Karl Axel Pehrson Foundation is to inform the public about the artist, his work, and his artistic achievement, and to preserve and exhibit the collection of Pehrson´s work that forms the backbone of the foundation.

This collection includes works from Pehrson´s entire career as an artist, with all of his different styles and development stages represented. The earliest work is dated 1941 and the most recent 2002

The collection includes 1120 drawings, most of them ideas, sketches, and studies for paintings and prints.The drawings also include seven pages from Pehrson´s book, "Formboken".
There are another 104 original works of art, predominantly paintings. These include four sculptures, one of them the prototype for the prestigious Guldbaggen (Golden Beetle) film award, one of the cornerstones of the entire collection.
The foundation also has a collection of 202 prints, whit 99 different motifs.

Pehrson loved to play party games, and he created a few of his own. The foundation´s collection includes the Fishing Game, the Mondrian Game, and the Februari Miniature Lithography Game.

This website offers you the opportunity to view a selection of 113 works of art from the big and substantial art collection of the Karl Axel Pehrson Foundation. Welcome!

Thanks to:

The Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation
Per Bjurström
Carl-Magnus Landin
Photographer Per Torgén, Örebro County Museum (for photos of the artworks)
Photographer Lennart Almqvist, Örebro Kuriren newspaper archives
(for the photo of Karl Axel Pehrson)